Add Value and A New Life to Your Home with Staircase Painting and Staining

Although the staircase is often forgotten about when it comes to interior painting, it is also a clear focal point of your home and has a high “traffic-rate” every day. Why not take advantage of this space to be creative and keep up with the trends?

Often overlooked, the staircases in your home are possibly the most used part of it. We usually don’t pay much attention to the details of them until some noticeable damage or serious creaks is happening. If you are in the planning process of giving your home an update, don’t forget your stairs! Current trends look at staining and painting your staircases, including treads/steps, rails, newels, spindles risers, stringers, and runners. It’s estimated that 90% of the stairs in Toronto century homes have been stained or painted.

Staircase painting and staining are parts of the interior renovation that MUST BE DONE by experts. Call Royal Home Painters at (647) 492 3993 to get a free cost estimate for refinishing your staircase. We are professional, reliable, friendly, and affordable.

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Staircase Painting - Staircase Staining Before After Gallery

Want to see how a simple stain or paint job can transform your staircase?

Check out some of our stunning Before-and-After photos on our Staircase Painting and staining gallery. If you want to know more about how to paint stairs and DIY tips, check out our blog!

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What are the Advantages of Staircase Staining & Painting?

Why should you consider showing your stairs a little love?

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Painting/Staining Staircase Helps To Protect Them!

As we mentioned, your stairs are possibly the most used part of your home. Staining and painting the stairs helps protect the wood from the general wear and tear of your active household. Maintenance over time can help significantly prolong the life of your stairs without having to complete major repairs. It can also help prevent injury from splinters or damaged wood.

Quality Check-In Before Painting the Stairs

Take the opportunity during the planning process of this project to really evaluate the current health of your staircases. What needs to be replaced or repaired? Is there any wood that could be rotting or has become warped? Are there dings and dents that need to be fixed? Royal Home Painters can help with all of those jobs!


We can also help repair those noisy creaks that happen during your middle of the night silent snack run.

Beautify Your Staircase and Your Home

For most homeowners their staircase serves a single function: a means to allow the inhabitants of the home to easily move from one floor to another. While this should be true for everyone, a staircase can also act as the centrepiece to the interior. Freshly painted or stained staircases, when professionally done, can be very eye-catching. Wow your visitors by giving your wooden staircase a full makeover!

Not only will this make your staircase look incredible, but it could also be a big selling point later in the future. Provided that it’s not too bold, which some might not appreciate, a newly stained staircase may be one of the factors which convince a buyer that your home is the right one for them. Anyway you can beautify your home will make it more appealing to others, and your staircase should always be a part of that equation.

You don't know what colour to choose for your staircase painting?

Let's review some Staircase Painting and Staining Ideas Together!

Staircase Painting that Focuses on Colours

Black and White: While it seems simple, there is always something about black and white that gives off a classic and clean vibe. Either paint the tread white and riser black or switch it around. Of course, this works best in areas that are painted in similar colours, so if this just isn’t going to work for you, don’t worry – we have plenty more staircase painting concepts that you’re sure to love.

Painting Stairs Black And White Richmond Hill

Using Multiple Colours: If black and white isn’t your thing, why not try choosing two or more other colours? Look around your entryway and see what colours stand out the most. You could paint the tread one colour and the riser another, or you could paint every other riser one colour while using the second colour in between if you prefer a wood finish for the stair treads. Whether you choose pastels, neutrals, or every colour of the rainbow, this staircase painting idea will certainly attract the eyes of both you and your guests.

Multiple Colour Creative Staircase Painting Idea

Creating Designs when Staircase Painting

Stencils and Stamps: Stencils and stamps are great for creating decorative designs when staircase painting. You can pick either of these up any nearly any place that specializes in home renovations. These have the greatest effect on risers because they can be seen from the bottom of the staircase and guide the eyes up, but they could be used on the treads as well. Stencils and stamps help you to create abstract designs with little effort and are a great tool for sprucing up your steps.

Creative Staircase Painting Ideas In Richmond Hill
Stairs Risers Painting Multiple Colour Toronto Downtown

Words and Numbers: Along with neat designs, you can also find stencils for letters, words, and numbers that can help you make a statement with staircase painting. You could paint a different small, inspirational quote or lyric – or stencil on one or two words of a longer phrase – on each riser to motivate you (literally) every step of the way. If you’re looking for something more minimalistic, simply numbering the steps as you climb up or down is a staircase painting idea that not only looks modern and fresh but can help teach younger children to count.

Wall Mural Creative Stairs Painting Project

Creating a Wall Mural: While the other staircase painting concepts we’ve gone through have focused on the stairs themselves, you can fix up the walls, too. Hanging pictures along the stairwell is a classic tradition, and leaving the walls completely bare is another common option, but a mural is the best choice when you’re wanting to make the staircase stand out. All you have to do is choose a theme or image and get painting (as long as you have a creative touch, that is). If a mural seems too complicated, why not try a more simplistic design with the help of a stencil or create a pattern with stamps? The walls are just as important as the steps to the aesthetic appeal of a staircase, so remember to put some thought into each of these components.

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The fact is that painting and staining staircases is a lot of work, and a project you’re probably better off hiring an expert to do. Professional painters will have taken on dozens of staircases, and will definitely finish the job much more quickly than you ever could. For those of you who have staircases that badly need a refresh, just dial (647) 492 3993 and we ‘ll help you out! Before you know it you’ll have received a quote for staircase staining, and from there the decision is yours.


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