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The Big Debate: Remove or Paint Stucco or Popcorns
What to do with popcorn Ceilings? Doesn’t matter as we do both stucco painting, popcorn painting or removing them, but this age-old dispute conflicts many homeowners. There are many purists from old generation homeowners who liked to keep peace with their interior stucco. Some are very idealistic and modern, so they choose to remove these ornaments.
If you decide you’ll go by retaining your stucco or popcorn ceiling or walls, we offer you a world of possibilities in the best form of maintenance work to keep your stucco/popcorn staying fresh and in style.

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If you decide you’ll go by retaining your stucco or popcorn ceiling or walls, we offer you a world of possibilities in the best form of maintenance work to keep your stucco/popcorn staying fresh and in style. Call Us Now.

Stucco Popcorn Painting Tidbits

Did you know why they were called popcorns? It’s because of the uncanny resemblance to tiny bits and pieces of popcorns that are found after it’s installed. It’s slightly coarse when touched but okay when just left looked at over ceilings or walls.
These popcorn like materials are there due to proper adhesives, and if you wish to care for them properly, you have to be gentle whenever you brush it or use a sponge to clean it as that stuccos are dust-hogs.

Is Popcorn Ceiling Painting a Good Option? 

Modern stuccos are valuable exterior house siding and ceiling add-ons for its durability and attractiveness, but even these are subject to degradation over the years. Re-Painting popcorn ceiling or stucco walls is one of the most economical ways to maintain internal stucco. It makes it look brand new and sturdier. There are many reasons as to why stucco deteriorates. Our professional team can investigate further. After that, we can apply the best course of action before permanently applying paint on the ceiling.

Deciding to keep stucco may be troublesome for a few homeowners in the Toronto area. But if you have expert hands working on keeping it safe, free from natural elements and maintained, painting stucco ceiling or popcorn ceiling painting will become less of a hassle. With expert handyman services in Richmond Hill and Toronto area, if problems such as cracks or visible holes come up, we can pinpoint the location of the leakage first so we can fix it before the popcorn painting or stucco painting procedure.

We know the ins and outs of applying paint so all precautions against hazards and damage to the popcorn. Our team will even be happy to tell you the best ways to maintain the healthy glow of your newly painted stucco ceiling as the after-care procedure.

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Are you Going to Painting Stucco Ceiling by Yourself?

So, read this part first.

How to Paint Your Stucco Ceiling

Most homes that were constructed anywhere from the 50s to the 90s contain stucco ceilings, which are also known as “popcorn ceilings.” The popcorn/stucco was prized for being able to obscure flaws, as well as being very white. That said, there’s no guarantee that this bright colour will last as long as you might like it. So, we’ve put together a helpful how-to guide on painting your stucco or popcorn ceiling.

The 5 Step Process of Removing stucco from ceiling
  • Step 1: Prep the Room Before Painting the Ceiling

    As you might know from another post on our site, removing a stucco ceiling in Toronto can be a very involved, time-consuming process. Thankfully painting a popcorn ceiling is not that much messy. Even still, you need to remove all the furniture, while pushing the rest together and covering it with drop cloths or plastic sheets. You should also take care of the floor as well to keep paint from dripping and falling on it.

  • Step 2: Make Sure if You have painted the Stucco Ceiling Before or not.

    If you’re unsure whether or not the stucco ceiling in your home has been painted previous, very carefully use a ladder to climb up and take a close look. A stucco ceiling that looks smooth and sealed has likely been painted at some point in the past. A popcorn ceiling that looks jagged and pointy, however, probably hasn’t been. We strongly advise you not to try washing unpainted stucco, as the water will soften it and cause it to fall away from your ceiling.

    You should always prime a surface before painting it. One way of checking to see how many coats are needed is by lightly running a finger over the surface of the ceiling. If you find it coming off quickly, this may mean more time spent on Step 3, below.

  • Step 3: Prime Your Stucco Ceiling

    We recommend that you find and purchase either a waterborne primer specifically made for ceilings or a low-odour oil primer. Do not use a latex primer like the one you use anywhere else in the house! These products can ruin your ceiling, and even wind up damaging it after being applied.

    You must cover the stucco ceiling with at least one coat of primer before painting the ceiling. It is especially important if the stucco has stains from cigarette smoke, cooking, or slight water damage. The primer will seal the popcorn ceiling, and will also help the paint to better adhere to it as well. This step is a must, and you should never skip it.

    If you do find water damage applying multiple layers of primer, allowing ample time between coats for it to dry, is an effective way of repairing it. It obviously won’t work for significant holes but should take care of smaller issues.

  • Step 4: Paint Your Stucco Ceiling

    Before painting ensure that the room is well-lit, as the uneven surface of stucco can make it difficult to tell if you’re applying an even coat or not. Make sure that your roller has a right amount of paint on it, but not so much that it’s dripping. A roller may not be able to reach more profound gaps in the stucco, so feel free to use a paintbrush to get these spots.

    Another option, of course, is to remove the popcorn from your ceiling before painting. While this can take a lot of time and effort ultimately, you’ll have a flat, modern ceiling. Regardless of which option is for you what’s important is that you’ve decided to take the job on yourself.

    But maybe the reason you found this article is because you just wanted to see how much work it would be. Having found out, you now think the best course of action would be to call in a professional painting contractor, experts who have years of experience painting everything from baseboards to popcorn ceilings. If that’s the route you want to take then why not get in touch with Royal Hom Painters Toronto and ask for a free popcorn ceiling painting estimate now!

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