Choosing the Best Toronto Painting Company – In today’s market, there’s no shortage of competition. From your organic food to your arch-supporting shoes, you’ve got options for everything you need to live. This market is a good thing for you, as it prevents costs from skyrocketing and leaves buyers like you the opportunity to choose the most fitting of products and services.

Home painting is no exception to this rule. In the greater Toronto area alone, many residential painting services make their way into the mix. For homeowners, home buyers and home sellers alike, this means taking the time to choose the best of the painting companies in Toronto. But how do you go about choosing? Let us at Royal Home Painters guide you in the direction that suits you best.

What’s Considered a High Quality Painting Service? How to Find the right contractor?

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Dipping Your Toe in the Water of High Quality Painting Service!

Preparation –

Entering this world of high quality painting service – or painting services in general – is about having the right attitude. You need to be willing to research, to meet with people, speak on the phone, and organize everything together so you’ve got a clear understanding of what you’re dealing with.
I know, maybe even that sounds overwhelming, but it should excite you because it’s the beginning of your home painting project, and you should only want the best.
If you’re worried about having to spend a lot of money, don’t. There are plenty of great businesses that do honest work for a modest price. They get their benefits through you, later, spreading a good review via word of mouth or elsewhere.

In Toronto:

Worried about finding enough reputable services to bring together to compare? Do not. There are plenty!
It’s simple. Toronto is a big city in Canada, and its real estate is growing like wild fire, which means businesses to do with construction and home design have skyrocketed. This means as long as the industry grows, your chances of finding something you like because of the sheer number of businesses operating in the field is very, very high.

Before Choosing a Painting Company, Brainstorm Your Home Painting Priorities

Brainstorming and coming up with a collection of values, motives and amenities that matter most to you is an excellent way to begin any decision. After all, the only way you’ll be happy with the outcome if it checks off your most essential must-haves. To start, determine some of the following:

  • What surface are you looking to get painted? Is it interior painting, exterior painting or wood or cabinet painting? It’s crucial that your options for residential and commercial painting companies in Toronto are experts with this material.
  • What brand, quantity and type of paint do you require? Not every painting service will be able to meet your demands.
  • How many coats of primer and paint do you want the painters to apply to your home?
  • What is your budget? This number includes material fees as well as labour costs.
  • When do you want the painting to take place? Availability is a significant factor.

You may have more inquiries to figure out, but these questions should jumpstart your brainstorming process. Be sure to ask house painting contractors in greater Toronto enough questions to determine if they’re a match.

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What to Consider When You Begin Searching for a Painting Company in Toronto?

Consider Everything!

  • It’s great to begin research with an idea of the kind of residential painting company or person with whom you want to work, but be open to other possibilities
  • Allow these meetings and their contents to inform where you go from there — maybe you meet a painting contractor, and he or she doesn’t end up working out for you but they had some good things to say, remember them and incorporate them into your next interview. They are nuggets of wisdom and help you to get the high quality painting job to be done for you!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s easy to let the expert do the talking, but their service is about what you want, so don’t be afraid to talk through your ideas and see if the person on the other side of the conversation gets them. If they don’t, maybe they’re not the one.

Be Open-minded

  • If you like a commercial and residential painting company, but what they have to say doesn’t align with what you want, hear them out. A working relationship is hard to come by and it’s possible that even though what they’re suggesting isn’t what you’d had in mind, they understand what you might really like. After all, they have multiple customers every day, and how often do you get your house painted? Not so often.
  • In other words, they’re house painting service experts for a reason. You came to them because they had good reviews, online or through your friend, for example. Why complicate that? Clearly they do this well, so let them in, and incorporate all that you can.
Before Hiring a Painting company in Toronto, Comprise a List of Viable Options

Once you have your priorities set, you’ll be able to begin the real search for professional Toronto home painters that fit the bill. Through your online or interpersonal searchers, you may realize that several painting companies are worth looking into. Try making your way to Google, exploring local Toronto advertisements, calling companies you’ve found in the phone book and even asking friends and family (the latter is probably the most comforting method of finding a painter, as it inherently comes with a reference in tow).

While the list of painting contractors may seem a bit intimidating at first, keep in mind that most of the options will diminish rather quickly. So long as you’ve made a collection of expectations and priorities that’s specific enough, you’ll find that only a few painters are worth your effort.

Then Whittle Down Your Options

Let’s face it. You don’t want to get quotes from your full list of options, as that will likely prove to be unnecessarily overwhelming. Before you head to the next step, it’s wise to pare down your choices. This step may only occur after having talked to each company over the phone or in person, but you may also be able to achieve this step by researching the company’s resources.

Try to get your list down to three house painters in greater Toronto that meet your unique expectations. However, you found them, whatever their specialty, you’ll know that these three are the most fitting of the bunch. As such, you’re more likely than ever before to satisfied with your high quality painting results.

The Nitty Gritty of Dealing with the Home Painting Contractors
  • This is going to sound painfully obvious, but hire a professional. Do not hire a friend, or someone’s uncle or aunt. Hire a professional painting company. It is what they do for a living, not what they cooked up on the side for fun. Even if they have the best intentions, their will to finish a project or work a project hard won’t be the same as someone trying to put food on the table.
  • Make sure you hammer out exactly what the contract includes. This means not only the types of paints, but the cost of them, where they’re from, what kind of primer, and the quality and level of surface primer. Don’t forget to talk about the amount of everything in general, because aside from the contractor’s best estimate, this’ll give you an idea of how long the project may take.
  • Extra costs. There are aspects of the painting process you may not realize are there until they happen, or, they’re so obvious you’d assumed they’d be dealt with one way, and instead you’re being charged for them. For example, the furniture in the room that will be painted. Who moves it? If you can’t move it, it’ll probably be the painters, but do they charge extra? Find out. Same goes for painting moldings.
    It’s the little things.

Begin the Bidding Journey

The race to the finish line is near. One of the most crucial steps before making your final decision on a house painter is getting a bid or quote from each company. Even if you’re blessed with a generous budget, this step is super important. Everyone deserves a fair price and to have their project completed on time by trained experts.

Free consultation appointments or quotes may be a significant plus. Not every house painter in Toronto offers this, so be on the lookout for ones that do (like Royal Home Painters, for instance).

Pick the Best Fit

The time has come to choose. If you’ve done your due diligence and gone through the steps appropriately, you shouldn’t feel like you’re taking a significant risk with your house painting service.

This step is when the fun begins. Whether you’ve got a house up for sale, are investing in a new property or are a long-time homeowner seeking a refresh, you get to see your York or Richmond Hill home in a whole new light. When done correctly by the right people for the job, a freshly painted house is a beautiful thing.

Royal Home Painters: We’re Here If You Need Us

We here at Royal Home Painters are proud to be an option for house painting in the greater Toronto area. After you’ve deduced your preferences, you may find that our interior and exterior services are just what you’ve been after. Perhaps the two-year warranty that accompanies every one of our professional painting services, or even the free consultation appointments for anyone from York region to the Entertainment District, will be what puts us over the edge.

If and when that time comes, our expert painters, trustworthy company and honest customer service will be one call away. Feel free to call Royal Home Painters in York area, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga to get a quick painting quote and the best painting service!