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Superior Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services – Kitchen plays an important role to define the interior designing of a house, and if you are looking for a kitchen renovation, the flooring, appliances, counter-tops and the kitchen cabinets colour are an integral part of it. The kitchen can be described as the engine of a house where you prepare the foods for all family members. In, addition, it’s a place where you can spend a good time with your near and dear ones. We understand the value of renovating your kitchen space, and now we are offering professional kitchen cabinets painting services to our clients.

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The name of Royal Home Painters is recognized as one of the best kitchen cupboard painting contractors in Toronto and customer satisfaction is essential for us. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to refinish, stain or spray paint your kitchen cabinets, you have come to the right place. We give you an opportunity to get your On-line (Fast) kitchen cabinet painting quote and consultation free of any charge.

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Excellent craftsmanship of the painters has set a benchmark for Royal Home Painters. Years of experience and satisfied clients have helped us to emerge as a leading painting service provider in Toronto in recent years. If you are searching for the best quality work along with the best price, we can help you. Getting a painting contractor is easier nowadays, and you can compare the cost of different service providers to get the best deal. Royal Home Painters gives you a golden opportunity to get free on-site consultation and quotations for free, and if you are about to renovate your kitchen, you shouldn’t miss it.

Do you prefer the natural beauty of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets? No Worries;

We Can Re-stain the Cabinet Doors too!

Royal Home Painters can help you to save hundreds of dollars while renovating your kitchen. Cabinet doors re-staining service is ideal for wooden kitchen cabinets, and you don’t have to spend again on spraying or repainting it. We promise you to offer the best cost-effective solution depending on your budget and this is an excellent option for untouched cabinets as well.

Cabinet doors re-staining service can be described as an art, and it helps to enhance the natural beauty of wooden kitchen cabinets differently. We have previously mentioned that we acquire a brilliant group of expert craftsmen, consultants and designers, who can help you to turn your dream into reality. Our name is often recognized as one of the best the kitchen renovation service providers in Toronto, and if you are thinking about it, give us a call.

Also, the best thing about Royal Home Painters is that our experts will help you to understand additional things like quality materials, types, colours etc. so that you can decide accordingly. If you are thinking about after processes like waste management and clean up, we assure that our workers will clean the space and take the trash away.

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We, at Royal Home Painters, offer a wide range of kitchen renovation services for our valuable clients. If you are looking for the best service providers for kitchen cupboard painting or staining, we promise you to deliver the professional quality work at the best cost. We are a reputed service provider, and you can check online ratings and reviews to know our clients’ experiences with us. If you want to get a free quotation, call us to consult with our professional kitchen cabinets painters.


[cl-review quote=”Royal Home Painters are excellent at their works. Everything from responding our first call to finishing their work, they are more efficient than our expectations. Their tradesmen are quite experienced in the field and know everything to make our work easy. We are overwhelmed with their friendly manner and approach towards their responsibilities. We feel glad to have such a responsible partner. (Tom Wales, Toronto)” author=”Tom Wales, Toronto” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”framed” italic=”1″]

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[cl-review quote=”We took time to find a reputed painting and renovation service provider around the city of Toronto and contacted Royal Home Painter through email. They showed their professionalism from the very first day, and we were quite impressed with it. They made the whole process easy for us selecting the right colours and finishing the task much before then the assured deadline. Royal Home Painters are the most proficient painting and renovation service provider we ever had.” author=”Tim P.” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”framed” italic=”1″]

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[cl-review quote=”I called them to paint the exterior part of my house and renovate the kitchen last summer. To sum up, they are far better than what I thought about them before. When it came about choosing the right colour for the exterior part of my property, they gave me hundreds of options that made the task easy for me. They made my 35-year-old kitchen modern with some latest kitchen decorative products and colors. I will not hesitate to refer the name of Royal Home Painters to others.” author=”Jose D.” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”framed” italic=”1″]

Toronto Painters Testimonial - 5Star

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  • Fair, honest and accurate estimate and quotes
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  • Conscious and well-mannered painters, no sub-contractors
  • All painters are drug tested, and background checked
  • All painters are under continuous training for quality and standard
  • We use only top quality paint and materials
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Whether it is about new cabinets painting or repainting the old kitchen cabinets, there are many good reasons to have your cabinetries undergo this process. It’s either you’ve been using them for far too long that it has become unpleasant or you’re renovating your home; heck you can even apply one if you’re selling your home.

Moreover, it doesn’t end there; we are experts at what we do so we know the steps by heart. We can advise you what color matches your kitchen’s overall tone, the best method of painting your kitchen cabinets, even by spray painting or just the rollers. Do you want to know what kind of paint to use on kitchen cabinets? We will tell you what type of paint will suit more and will be more durable for your kitchen cabinets. After years of experience, we know the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets. Besides, we will discuss all the needed pre-painting preparations to achieve that perfect finish.

If you’re ready to get this project rolling, our representatives are a call away!


Give a New Look To Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen plays an essential role in interior decoration, and if you are still using your old style kitchen cabinets, it’s time to renovate it. The kitchen renovation is an excellent way to make your home look new again. So, hiring a professional cabinets painter to get the best results, is a smart decision. Royal Home Painters in Toronto is offering kitchen renovation solutions. One of the highest demand requests is kitchen cabinet painting services. In reality, it might seem complicated, but we guaranty the quality of our work. Therefore, the final result will be much higher than your expectations.

High quality Kitchen Cupboard Paint Can Save You Money

Old kitchen cabinets often affect the beauty of your kitchen, and many people tend to replace their old stained or old painted kitchen cabinets with the brand new ones. It is expensive and not for everyone. Saying that now it is possible to paint your kitchen cabinets and make them look fresh and modern again. While replacing the cabinets can cost thousands of dollars, painting is cheaper than that. Maybe by one-fourth of the price, if you find the right solution and the right kitchen cabinets painting contractor to do it for you. If you are looking for renovating your kitchen, repainting your cabinets will be the best option, and it is cost effective at the same time.

  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets can be done Quickly

    Kitchen cabinet painting takes lesser time compared to kitchen cabinet replacement, and it takes about a week to complete the whole process of painting work while the installation can take more time. We know it maybe be difficult for you, but the good news is that you will have open access to space and it will be less troublesome. Ask us how we can do it without a hassle!

  • Cabinets Will Look Fresh Again

    Kitchen cabinet renovation is an excellent way to restore the beauty of your house and if you don’t want to replace the old kitchen cabinet, painting them is the best solution to give your home a modern look. You will have different options like spray painting, using brush or roller etc.

  • Painting Cabinets Are Convenient

    You have to think about many different things if you decide to install complete new kitchen cabinets. You have to choose the designs and suitable cabinet style. Also, you have to consider the space of your kitchen and consult with an expert about it. Afterwards, you have to order the cabinets and wait for the delivery. Now you need to hire a professional contractor to install it in your kitchen. If you decide to paint your old kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to take care of all these things, and the only task is to find a reputed kitchen cabinet painter in your neighbourhood.

  • Re Painting Kitchen Cabinets Is not Expensive!

    Imagine if you have 25 kitchen cupboard doors and maybe 6 drawers and you want to reface the doors. Other than the headaches and time you have to spend to find proper doors with good quality, you have to spend at least 2 times more than repainting the cabinets doors or drawers.

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Adds huge Value to your home.

Just like other assets in your house, the kitchen cabinets lose its gorgeousness as a result of excessive use. In many cases; people tend to repaint them to renovate their kitchen appearance. If you are selling your house and looking for good resale value, you can try it and enhance the interior appeal with this method.

Royal Home Painters have earned an excellent reputation in Toronto interior house painting with years of experience. Not only that, we acquire a brilliant group of professionals. We know how to refinish all your kitchen cabinets, and we will assist you to get the most from the money you spend. Our cabinet refinisher experts will help you to decide the suitable colour, best paint or colour tone so that you can pick the right one quickly. If you have searched for “kitchen cabinet painters near me” and you don’t like the result Google is showing close to your neighbourhood, then don’t worry! We serve Toronto and all surrounding We are one of the top rated contractors for kitchen cabinets scarborough, kitchen cabinets Toronto & North York, York, East York, Scarborough, The Beaches, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markha, Richmond, Aurora, and where it is less than 1-hour driving! So call us and ask for the free kitchen cabinets refinishing estimate.