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Interior House Painting in Toronto

We are one of the top-rated interior house & Residential painting companies in Toronto. Understanding how a professionally done interior home painting can play a significant role in enhancing the overall beauty of your property. That’s why our experienced painters are always there to serve you according to your specific requirement. We, as a professional painting contractor in Toronto, can help you to make your house one of the best-looking properties in your neighbourhood.

We can provide you with the right and fast exterior or interior residential painting services, and that is probably the reason why people hire us confidently for all their painting requirements. Thus, call us today and get a free interior painting cost estimation from us as one of the best local interior painters. Our friendly painting consultants are always ready to help you with the right in-home painting solutions.

Royal Home Painters, as one of the top-rated local house painters, offers three years warranty for all of their indoor painting projects!

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Interior House Painting Services In Toronto
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Homeowners have their own personal reasons for painting interior of their houses. No matter what the reason is, we are here to provide your property with a fresh look. We aim to make your property beautiful and best in your neighbourhood. We have the expertise and equipment to turn your old house into a new and modern one. If you want to list your house for sale, remember a high-quality renovation and house painting can increase the resale value of your property by many folds.
Call us today and book a for free home improvement consultation, take a look at our recommended interior wall paint colors samples and get a quote from one of the most reputable local painting companies in Toronto.



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  • Fair, honest and accurate estimate and quotes
  • No-surprise – You will never pay anything more than your invoice
  • Outstanding warranty on all projects
  • We are bonded and insured for your peace of mind and ours
  • Conscious and well-mannered painters, no sub-contractors
  • All painters are drug tested, and background checked
  • All painters are under continuous training for quality and standard
  • We only use top quality paint and materials


  • Room Painting Service

    Painting is one of the most important parts of house decoration and if you are planning to give your rooms a touch of renovation, you have to look for a professional interior house painting service provider. Royal Home Painters is a Toronto-based company that can help you to renovate and remodel your rooms.

  • Kitchen Painting & Renovation

    Planning to give your kitchen a better and modern look? We are always there to help you. No matter if it is a small change or a complete remodeling project, we have the experience and the team to make your dream come true. At Royal Home Painters in Toronto, we can make your task easy by helping you to choose the perfect colour and design for your kitchen wall or kitchen cabinets.

  • Modernize Your Bathroom

    If you want to make your old bathroom modern through extensive renovation work, call us today and learn about our planning and get the estimation for free. We have years of experience in this business, and we have satisfied hundreds of our customer with great renovation work.

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Interior Home Painting
Get A High-Quality Interior House Painting at A Reasonable Price

Royal Home Painters is here for all of the home renovation projects. We can deliver high-quality work at a reasonable price. Meaning, you can get a satisfactory result within your budget.

We follow our customer-friendly business strategies, tested and accurately working. We plan and closely supervise all the projects to make our interior house and condo painting projects successful. Our expertise and experience in the field always help us to deliver flawless and mess-free outcomes.

Royal Home Painters is a Premier Painting and Home Renovation Service Provider in Toronto

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we are always ready to apply our Skills, Competence and Expertise for every project we undertake. We provide the best indoor house painting solutions according to your needs, and our home painting process is divided into different sections like:

Creating the perfect environment for interior house painting: We are here to make your work mess-free so that we will create a typical job-site for our work. Our professional house painters will visit your place and cover up all the furniture, floor and other fixtures. We will be there to beautify your property. Thus, we will ensure that you get the best residential painting services that you deserve.

Preparing Rooms: No matter if its a regular interior home painting project or kitchen cabinets painting; our expert house painters, will repair the scuff, stains, holes, cracks and other issues first. Therefore, they can deliver the best professional painting result for you.

Using the Right Tools: We understand the importance of using the right tool for the interior condo or house painting projects we undertake. Most importantly, we know how utilizing a wrong tool can ruin our expected high-quality result. Our skilled painters are aware of painting algorithm, and they apply the best techniques to achieve the best painting finish.

Experts do final Inspection: While our work on the project is progressing, we send our expert supervisors for the interim and final inspection. Consequently, they will confirm if everything has been done correctly. Our experts will be there to find disputes, and they will arrange a final touch up if required. In other words, it is our responsibility to hand the property over to you in the best condition.

We Make the Process of Color Picking Easy for You

We always give priority to our customers’ preference and then present our plans. At Royal Home Painters, we do not believe in push-sale strategies, and that is why we take care of your favorites and choices first.

We are a proud house painting company, and our experts will be there to help you to pick the right color for your home. We are there to realize your dream with high-quality materials, advanced tools, and professional painters.

Dark and light colors have their different usage. To put the right color on the right wall, we divide every color in dark and light category. If it’s a narrow room and you want it to look wider then it is important to follow a dark and light combination. Same goes to bigger rooms. We also work with shades in a similar manner. We put lighter and darker shades where needed.

With us, Feel The Mark Of Perfection!

For All Of Your Residential Painting Needs.


[cl-review quote=”We hired them to paint our dental office in Thornhill, and for the first time in my business life, I can say we have found a real professional and caring contractor to painter the entire interior of our office. They were very fast, very passionate and extremely caring about our office. Highly recommended” author=”Emerald Dental Care” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”framed” italic=”1″]

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[cl-review quote=”Mike came to my house to give me an interior painting quote when he said they also do flooring too, I got very happy as I prefer to deal with one person. Honestly, the result for both services is beyond my expectation. Thank you” author=”Shane Zamani” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”framed” italic=”1″]

Toronto Painters Testimonial - 5Star

[cl-review quote=”It was such a great experience, Professional team, affordable and quick and neat service. Highly recommend to everyone.” author=”Mike M.” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”framed” italic=”1″]

Toronto Painters Testimonial - 5Star



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Need more information about interior painting contractors?

When doing home renovation in Toronto the speed at which the job gets done can be a big priority. Either you want to hire one of the Toronto interior painting contractors, or you want to do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, you only have so much free time. With a house interior painting project that’s cutting into your evenings and weekends you’re looking to get it done as soon as possible. With that in mind you may be looking to rush, or even skip steps. If so you would be making a huge mistake. If you don’t properly prep before you start painting a house in Toronto you can rest assured that the paint job won’t last for long.

What we’re here to do is give you an easy guide to prepping your house before painting. So read these inside house painting tips carefullt:

1) Prep Before Painting insdie of your house By Removing Hardware

Continue Reading the tips,

It’s worth your time to ensure that you won’t be applying paint to any areas that don’t need it. Go around the rooms being painted and remove items like covers over your electrical sockets and cable and phone outlets from the walls. Any curtains should be taken down, as well as hanging pictures and artwork. Any nails that they might have been hung up on should likewise be removed. Finally, if you’re doing the ceiling as well, be sure to take down any light fixtures. This should be a priority for homeowners who have a particularly nice chandelier hanging anywhere.

2) Prep Before Inside Painting By Preventing Paint Splatter

You also don’t want paint to accidentally get on any surfaces that don’t need it. Tape drop sheets along the walls and floor so that they stay in place and don’t move at all during the home painting process. Take painters tape and apply it to the trim around your house when the walls are being painted. This includes the baseboards, window frames, door frames, and even the crown moulding if you have it. When painting the trim you will want to reverse this and put tape on the walls instead.

Furniture can be a little tricky, as there may be items that are very difficult to move. If you can’t move one to a different room entirely, another option is to simply push it to the centre of the room instead. That way it’s far away from the walls, and will be easier to cover with plastic if the ceilings need to be taken care of.

3) Prep the Walls Before Painting

While you may think that you’re ready to start painting, there are still a few last steps to go! Just because these items are covered doesn’t mean that you can pick up a brush just yet.

Every surface being painted needs to be free of any imperfections before paint can be applied. Be on the lookout for any cracks or holes in the walls. This damage can be repaired with spackling compound and a putty knife. Use the tool to first spread the compound over the issue and then use it to scrape off whatever is left over. Remember to let it dry fully! After that take a fine grit sandpaper and smooth it down. Your end goal is to have walls that are completely smooth as this will aid with paint adhesion and ensure a long-lasting finish.

Washing the walls of any grease, dust, or grime will also help with your eventual paint application. If this is a particularly bad problem a chemical cleaner much like tri-sodium phosphate, also known as TSP, can be mixed with water and used on any surfaces that need it. Once again, allow it to dry before starting your work!

All of the above steps will leave you with a space that is easy to navigate and paint. You won’t be getting paint anywhere that it shouldn’t, and what’s more cleanup will be almost effortless as it will largely be rolling up and disposing of either plastic or drop sheets. While it may seem like a lot of time and effort making sure the surfaces being painted are in perfect condition it’s well worth it. Priming and painting these areas will result in a paint job that has a greatly reduced likelihood of peeling or cracking, even after many years pass by.

If all of this seems like too much work, however, then get in touch with Royal Home Painters Toronto! We will properly prep your house before any interior home painting project with ease since we want your job to be flawless. Call at 647-492-3993 or fill teh form! We will send one of our specialist there to give you the best interior house painting estimate right away!