The Wild World of Interior Painting Quote in Toronto!

  • Beginning
    • It’s difficult making deals in any form, but especially in a subject you know nothing about, so let’s face it. A lot of people don’t know much about house painting estimates (AKA home painting quotes), and how painting companies arrive at them.
    • That’s okay! That’s what we’re here for. Don’t let that scare you off from making a great decision: Sprucing up your home with some new paint.
  • Get Multiple Interior Home Painting Quotes
    • It’s pretty smart right off the bat to get more than one painting estimate! 2 is fine. (Most of the residential painting contractors even offer you a free Online cost estimation for painting a home in Toronto and the GTA.)
    • It’s pretty common to do this, because you don’t want to hire someone who skimped on their credentials or on anything else — like their actual work. Search around for reviews, check their websites and social media channels and really get a sense of who you’re going to be working with.
    • If you can’t be bothered getting other exterior or interior painting prices, because, hey, you’re busy and that takes time, and you feel comfortable with your painter and it’s just a matter of getting a discount, ask them if there’s another way you can get that discounted price. Maybe by signing on the spot and promising you’ll tell other people about them instead of humming and hawwing about your decision! Sometimes they will give it to you right on the spot!
    • The thing is, you have to actually do what you say you will. Mention them to friends and relatives. Really give them their business. If you liked them, and they helped you out with a discount, it’s your turn to give back. Only fair.
  • Get All Your Painting Done in One Go.
    • Did you ever notice that when you go to buy popcorn at a movie theatre they only charge $1 or so more, but give you more than 30% more popcorn? The reason why is because of economies of scale. The cost for the popcorn is minimal. Its the transaction and set up fee that takes all the time and cost. Basically, it takes almost the same amount of time and labour to serve an extra large popcorn as a small or medium size popcorn. Pretty smart, eh?
    • With painting it’s almost the same! To paint 1 more wall or 1 more room once all the tools and materials have been setup is pretty minor, so why not take advantage of it? Give them more area to paint and get better indoor house painting estimates.
Interior Home Painting Estimates Online Toronto
Interior House Painting Quote Estimation Free In Toronto

Consider these Tips to get the Best House Painting Quote Estimation!

  • Be Flexible!
    • If you don’t have a deadline for painting the inside of your property, tell your painting contractor that you are flexible to when the project gets done.
    • During the winter (which is slow season!) most of the residential painting companies may not charge you as much as they would in their peak busy season.
    • Sometimes they have lapses or last minute cancellations and need to fill a spot in their schedule. In those situations they can change their estimates on painting a house.
    • If you’re comfortable giving your painter or contractor a flexible time frame, there’s a good chance they’ll give you a price break!


  • Let the Painter Choose the Brands.
    • There are tons of reasons why you should do this! Not to mention the fact that they know better! You’re hiring them for their level of knowledge and the the service quality. Why not trust them with this?
    • Some painting contractors get better discounts from different paint manufacturers. Now this doesn’t always mean you are getting a cheaper paint, it just means that one supplier may have worked out a better volume discount than another which can affect how the painters calculate painting cost.
    • Next time you’re getting a quote to paint , ask your painter what brand they prefer. If it’s a top quality paint brand, then tell them it’s okay as long as you use their better grade of paint.
    • If you happen to have prior colours picked from a paint manufacturer, then most paint manufacturers can colour-match them with close to 100% accuracy.

Work with Painting Company on Payment Methods

(Note: Cheques are always better than credit cards)

  • The best painters out there — the most reliable — are going to offer you payments with the classics: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or even post-dated cheques. But remember to ask if paying by cheque will affect the house painting prices. This does happen from time to time.
  • Deposits are a great way to show you’re serious about the project you might hire them for, so figure it out! In terms of amounts, anywhere from 10-25% is pretty reasonable.

Just Ask, They May Decrease the Painting Cost For You!

  • I’m serious about this one. Most painters are normal people trying to make ends meet, just like you. Be honest with them! You want the best value for your money, you like them, but you need a better house painting quotes before going ahead with a certain project.
  • A polite, “If you please give me a better painting estimate, I will be happy to give you my business today” will work nearly every time. Again, the key here is to be polite, and a little insistent that you want a better cost estimate for painting your home. As simple as this sounds, many times you will get what you ask for.
  • Remember the real tips here are pretty basic! Be polite. Be courteous. Ask, don’t demand. There is never anything wrong with asking. Most home painters in Toronto will be happy to try to help you in any way they can, some more than others. Most importantly, make sure you choose the painter and contractor you feel most comfortable with and who you believe will do the best job for you.
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Painting A Home Interior!

When Can I get the best interior painting estimate?
  • The Basics –
    • When you think of winter, you think of relaxing inside, cozy and warm. You think of your family. What you don’t think of is doing house work.
    • While painting the interior of your home might technically count as house work, think of it as creative design! Colouring your walls should be fun! Stretch your mental muscles and get to work on what you think would greatly compliment the rest of your home! Which colours settle and give great atmosphere in both Winter and Summer?
    • Most importantly, what’s going to pick you up off the couch or out of bed and make you want to paint your walls at all, let alone a colour someone else tells you is good!
  • in Toronto
    • Toronto is the other part you have to keep in mind! What’s right for this city? Winter lasts a long time, giving you more than enough space in your schedule to take advantage of its weather.
    • The city is covered in snow for nearly five months at a time (if you include slush, and I wish we couldn’t!) and, as I mention later, this is the perfect time to either contract your most reputable painting company in the area, or get to work yourself.
    • You’ll feel more than accomplished!
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The Pros and the Cons

  • A Quick List of Pros and Cons
    • The votes are in, the pros and cons tallied, and the pros heavily outweigh the cons. If you want to do it at all, you should do it in Winter.
    • The pros: It’s cheaper to hire, you will get better home painting quotes, you get better light because of the reflective snow, the paint dries more quickly, and it’s safer.
    • The cons: It might be stressful when you’ve got to balance this work with other holiday-based stuff! But that’s when you decide to hire out the trouble to contractors!
    • Below we’ll get into exactly why these pros are pros, how they work, and a few other small pluses!

A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons

  • The No-brainer Advantages of painting the interior during the cold season!
    • Let’s take a deeper look here. The idea of painting a home interior at first seems overwhelming (where do you put the furniture? Where do I buy the paints?). But the truth of it is it’s simple, and the benefits greatly outnumber the disadvantages — of which there are nearly none!
    • First off, it’s cost effective. Why? Painting companies charge less money in the winter and their painting estimates per square foot are lower because typically they get less business. By lowering the cost they incentivize people to use them for the job! It’s a no-brainer. So try to book your free house painting quotes near end of fall and start it in Winter!
    • Second, the light. Yes, if it’s gloomy and doomy out then it doesn’t make for an easy painting day, but, notoriously in Toronto, there are plenty of sunny days — so bright they call for sunglasses — that are absolutely perfect for painting rooms, especially those with big windows that let the light in. With the white snow acting as a reflector for the light, there is double the power helping you.
    • Third, it dries more quickly. This is fairly simple. The air is colder and crisper, so instead of the haziness and warm temperature in summer, slowing the process of hardening the paint, the winter does the opposite. Worried a paint job is going to take too long over the holidays? This is a major plus for you.
    • Lastly, it’s safer. This has to do with how fast the paint dries as well. The sooner the paint dries, the sooner there’s less negative chemicals floating around in the air. The winter chill is also known to fight what the warm, hazy summer air enables, and that’s chemicals clinging openly to furniture and wafting around instead of being trapped and snuffed out.
    • So rejoice in the positives!


  • The Few Disadvantages
    • Okay, I admit, there’s one disadvantage, but it’s only the other side of a major advantage, and it’s not a big deal at all.
    • One disadvantage may be that although the light is stronger because of the reflective snow, the light also doesn’t last as long. Winter in Toronto is famously dark and chilly, and while the latter provides a ton of positives, the former doesn’t! Something to think about.
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Want to Paint Your Home Interior?

Thank you so much for reading these tips, and we hope that they work for you! Do you want to know more about painting during the winter? Costs to get the job done? Call Royal Home Painters Toronto to get a quick painting quote and reasonable painting estimate!