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How to calculate the painting cost per square foot for Interior Painting

Painting offers excellent value for freshening up your home’s interior and estimating the cost of painting per square foot shows just how affordable it can be. The price of the home painting is well worth it when the final effect is so pleasing and persuasive. A house can be completely transformed with paint whether it’s done in a neutral colour to attract a buyer, or creative ideas such as feature walls ( Accent Walls ) are painted to make a delightful decor statement.

Here’s how to determine the per square foot cost of interior house painting anywhere in Toronto, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham and all the GTA. You can use this blog as an interior painting cost guide, but for sure you can discuss with your painter and ask them to break down their painting quotes. Also, if you are interested you can read our other blog too: how much do painters charge to paint a room

How much paint do I need to paint my house?

There are many paint calculators online that are easy to use and paint manufacturing companies have some of the best. By inputting your room dimensions and a few other features such as the number of doors and windows, you’ll figure out how much paint you’ll need to paint the interior of your home.

When you go online, you’ll be given the option to use Imperial or Metric measurements. One of the best online paint calculators can be found on the Benjamin Moore Website. Whatever website you choose, fill in the length and width of your room, the height of your walls, and the number of doors and windows. Click Calculate. The paint calculator determines how much paint you will need in litres or gallons based on needing two coats of paint.

Painting Cost Per Square Foot

How much does painting cost per square foot In your house?

Cost of paint

A 10-by-15-feet room with one window and one door come to 367 square feet of surface to paint. The calculator will suggest about 2 gallons and 1 quart of paint. Paint cans cost about $20 or $60 per gallon so that this room will cost about $40 to $120 just for the paint.

How much do painters charge per square foot?

The cost of paint amounts to about 10 to 25 percent of the cost of an interior residential painting project. Now that you have a general idea of paint cost hire a professional painting contractor who will do a pristine job. Painters generally charge per square foot for interior house painting. Average prices range from $2.25 to $3 per square foot depending on the complexity of the project.

If the room is simple without any features other than a window and door with basic trim, and the walls are 8-feet high, then a 10-by-15-foot room (367 square feet) will cost from about $338 to $450. If your walls are higher, such as 9 or 10 feet, then add 10 or 15 percent to the price.

While most painting contractors in Toronto don’t include the cost of the paint most can get a discount on paint for you. Discuss paint prices and quality with them and whether one or two coats will be necessary for your particular job.

Calculating the cost of house painting per square foot

Painting complicated rooms

If the rooms are complicated, such as a bathroom with fixtures and mirrors that have to be painted around, or kitchens with cabinets and appliances, or architectural trim that has to be carefully masked, then the estimate will be higher to accommodate these features since a brush will have to be used instead of a roller.

Cost of tools

Professional painters have all the tools that you would otherwise have to buy such as brushes, rollers, trays, tape, drop cloths, edgers, ladders and other items. Although they will build the cost of some of these tools and materials into the estimate, it will likely be minimal since painters are using most of these tools from one job to the next.

Cost of painting trim and ceilings

As well as walls, if you want other features painted such as trim or a ceiling, add about $1 per square foot for trim and a flat ceiling is about $0.50 per square foot. A stucco ceiling (also called a popcorn ceiling) costs about $1 per square foot.

Preparation work costs

All of these costs are based on painting a space that doesn’t require repair work. If your walls have a lot of holes and cracks that need filling and sanding, then your painting contractor will add the time it takes to do these repairs to the estimate. Most painters will fill small nail holes for free, but anything larger that needs drywall compound and sanding that will take time and cost money and will increase to the house painting cost. It’s finicky work that if not done right and sanded perfectly smooth, will cause bumps and raised surfaces that are amplified by fresh new paint.

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