Royal Home Painters launched over ten years ago mainly offering interior and outdoor painter for residences in Richmond Hill. Since that time we’ve developed into a full-service exterior/interior painting and renovation contractor which does not merely include painting the exterior and interior for houses and residential properties, but also commercial painting, drywalling, stucco repair work, basement finishing as well as carpentry and home improvement. Meanwhile, we have extended our service area to cover Toronto and the GTA.

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What Does Royal Home Painters Toronto Offer you as an Expert Exterior Painting Company?

Imagine turning down a street that you’ve rolled along too many times to count, suburban scenes to the left and right as typical as they can get. You’ve seen it all every day for who knows how long, and none of the homes on your block stand out any longer… that is, until one of them suddenly shows itself in a whole new light.

This is exactly what a quality exterior house painting job can do. If you’ve ever been struck with awe by the rejuvenation of a freshly painted house, you may be wondering just how to make your own home stand out from the pack. With the free exterior house painting estimates from Royal Home Painters, as one of the top-rated local painters in Toronto, you can achieve the stunning and refreshing abode you’re after, without even having to leave home.

Royal Home Painters Winning Painting Company In Toronto

Exterior Painting Services In the Greater Toronto Area

No two house painting projects are the same, and Royal Home Painters, as one of the top rated exterior house painting contractors in Toronto, is ready and eager to tackle a variety of projects. Whether your home lies in the residential realm, or you’re part of a business seeking a bit of a revamp, an exterior painting job may be the thing for you. Our exterior house painting services include:

Exterior Brick Painting Cost Toronto Downtown
  • Exterior House Painting
  • Vinyl Siding Painting
  • Front Door Painting
  • Cement block Painting
  • Garage Door Painting
  • Windows / Trims Painting
  • Eaves Painting
  • Soffit Painting
  • Fascia Painting
  • Shutters Painting
  • Exterior Stairs Railing Painting
  • Porch Roof Painting
  • Exterior Brick Painting
  • Concrete Wall Painting
  • Deck Painting / Staining
  • Fence Painting / Staining
  • Pool Painting

Whatever material your Toronto home’s exterior is made up of, one thing is for sure. A quality paint job can do wonders for a house, and it’s inhabitants. Homeowners can express themselves in any way they choose if only they make a move.

We, as a professional painting company in Toronto, Richmond Hill, North York and all over the GTA, can make it easier to get an entirely new look for your house: boost your current curb appeal, get prepared to sell, or maybe enhance a new investment. Royal Home Painters Toronto utilizes the highest quality services and products, ensuring we certainly have the appropriate products and tools to maintain the exterior face of your house from fading or peeling. We guarantee all of our Exterior Painting works for a minimum of 2 yrs.
You don’t need to be a pro painter to understand that the condition of the exterior painting is among the most critical elements for keeping up with a home’s value.

The Exterior of Your Home Deserves Expert Treatment

For the sake of your home’s aesthetic, you’ll want to enlist the help of local exterior painters in and around Toronto or Richmond Hill who are skilled and adept at what they do. After all, the look and feel of your home are on the line, and the team of residential painting contractors at Royal Home Painters don’t think that’s something worth messing with.

Our Toronto Home Painters are equipped with expertise suited for a range of jobs, all so clients like you can feel confident that you’re getting the service you deserve. They’re well-versed on all the dangers that can accompany the exterior painting, which saves you from a load of hassle.

Whatever siding or walls your home may sport, Royal Home Painters is ready and able to get the job done.

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Royal Home Painters counsellors know precisely how crucial external paint can be to the general appearance of your house. They will explain to you the ways a professionally applied paint will get the job done for your home’s curb appeal, which makes it stand out – effectively.

Most people in Richmond Hill area or Toronto, believe that they should shell out lots of money to give their house an attractive brand new look; generally, brand-new house siding or maybe some other larger renovation processes pops into their heads.

They forget that an experienced exterior painting contractor can improve their home’s overall look – without most of the primary jobs and so expenses. Royal Home Painters can assist you to put together color and style that can make your home appear as good-looking as a new one. We will do this for much less than what you think.

Go for Expertise In the world of exterior painting. Expertise does indeed make a difference. Our house Painters carry numerous years of knowledge and professionalism to back up their currently impressive status.


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Royal Home Painters Bring Honest Service

There’s nothing like an honest, transparent business. This is especially the case in today’s day and era when many a venture is out for profit and nothing more. At Royal Home Painters, as one of your top rated local painting contractors,  we cherish a genuine relationship with our clients, which stems from honesty on our part.

We’ll always do our best to leave you with a finished product you can be proud of. For the added cushion, we always provide our customers with a two-year warranty for all exterior house painting projects.. That means, whether your home’s exterior is brick, vinyl or another medium, you can be confident we’ll prioritize your happiness before, during and long after the painting is done.

Professional Insight, Modern Materials

Sometimes, choosing a colour scheme for your house’s exterior can be a bit stressful. While the outcome doesn’t have to be permanent, everyone wants to be left with a colour they can revel in at first glance. We, at Royal Home Painters, promise to do our best to provide you with expert advice, which we have collected through years of exterior home painting experience. You can book a free colour consultation with one of our consultants to find out more about exterior house paint color combinations that fit more to your home.

Whatever palate you wind up going with, you can be confident that we’ll only use high-quality, up-to-date tools and materials for your house. From paint to the tools we use to apply it, everything will be up to par with your standards, wherever they may lie. That will keep your morale high and help your paint job stand the test of time.

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In addition to all of that, we offer the most specialized customer care to be found anywhere in the Richmond hill. Once all is said and also performed, you will be sitting with an attractive, like-new residence – and you will undoubtedly count yourself among our numerous happy clients. Please fill out the form to receive a totally free quote estimation on your next exterior painting project.

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The Importance of Professional Exterior Painting

A property’s exterior paint condition is the very first thing you see. Just remember the moment as you purchased your home. Weren’t you hypnotized by the attractiveness that you’re willing to sign the documents for the deal the time you see it? The finish along with the overall style seems to blend in 1 part of the artwork.

Exterior paint won’t last permanently; everyone knows this. That is the outside of the home; external surface finishes get the maximum damage produced by weather conditions in Toronto and Richmond Hill area. It will eventually get grimy or nasty that will be annoying if you’re thinking about to sell your house. We at Royal Home Painters provide our expert exterior and interior painting services by our professional house painting contractors for your house which needs a significant but also affordable facelift.

It’s shocking what exactly a fresh coat of paint can do for the exterior look of a house. Based on the shade available, a home’s overall appearance can become modern and stylish, much more attractive and also welcoming – or maybe somewhere in the middle.

Everybody has their very own unique taste, so the exterior painting colour they pick for their home can undoubtedly reflect that. By choosing the assistance of an expert exterior painting contractor like Royal Home Painters, you can ensure the exterior of your house equals or even exceeds all your expectations.

Setting The Home’s Ideal Face ahead while a house has paint peeling, cracked or perhaps discoloured paint, possibly even the most professional landscaping plan or gardening methods can’t conceal it. In spite of several hours toiling away on your gardening rows of lovely plants, your property will look forbidding and nasty resulting from a poor-quality exterior paint job.

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Common Exterior Paint Problems

Weather condition in Toronto and its effects on your exterior paint – Look outside the window, what do you see? Is the sun brightly shining down, or is it drizzling or maybe even snowing? Regardless of how the weather is at the moment, you know that it’ll change in the course of a few months. As beautiful as it can be having four seasons, it’s that change in temperature and the accompanying precipitation that can take it out of your exterior. We’re here to list some of the most common problems that exterior paint can face, as well as what you can do to offset them.

When Your Exterior Paint Fails

There are some ways that your exterior paint project can end up breaking down.

Exterior House Peeling Paint Toronto Exterior House Painting
  • Exterior Painting Peeling

    Paint starts to peel when it’s the painter applies it over very-old paint or wet surfaces. Allowing dust and grime to accumulate on top of your exterior can also lead to an exterior paint job starting to peel. Trapping moisture underneath a coat of paint may also cause blistering as a result of the water trying to escape past the impermeable coat on top of it. Mainly hot temperatures can create the same effect.

  • Exterior Paint Cracking

    Opting for cheaper materials can be why the paint has begun cracking, as low quality paint is normally the one to blame for this problem. These lower quality paint products don’t adhere to surfaces as well and are typically applied thinly due to their composition. A thinly applied coat and poor priming can also lead to chalking, which is when a powdery residue builds up on the surface. With latex paint applied as the exterior painting material, weather effects, such as the cold and wind, can dry it too quickly, which also causes cracking.

  • Rust Bleeding on Exterior Walls

    Finally, non-galvanized old nails can start to rust over time, rusting and bleeding up through your exterior paint job. While it won’t always be possible, try to remove these nails when you can. An alternative to removing is countersinking them, then filling them and spot priming every single nail. Beware of painting over mildew or using poor quality paint on bare wood. Check the product you’re using to see if it contains mildewcide which will prevent this problem.

The Dangers of Exterior Painting

All of the problems mentioned above can be fixed, even if that process is both time-consuming and expensive. While these easily preventable exterior house painting issues are costly, what’s even more so is putting your own personal well-being at risk.

While this shouldn’t be a problem if you decide to paint the exterior of a bungalow, many Toronto detached homes or townhomes are narrow and quite tall. If you’re trying to paint the trim on the peak of your house you will be putting yourself in danger. Even if you have the proper ladders and equipment this is still a hazardous project to attempt, especially if you’re not experienced with exterior painting processes to begin with.

Falls from ladders are unfortunately quite common, and while they typically result in injuries could also be a cause of death.

Hire a Professional Painter for Exterior Home Painting
While the weather and general wear and tear are to blame for your exterior paint job being damaged, the reason most deteriorate so quickly is because they weren’t properly painted to start with. By hiring a professional exterior painter in Toronto to take care of your new home, or to fix any problems that have arisen, you’ll be ensuring that years pass before they have to be addressed again. To find a good painters, you can easily google ” painting companies near me ” , and start reading their clients’ reviews.

In addition to that, professional painters will have the equipment and the expertise to paint any area of your home whether it be your front door, siding, or eaves. A reputable company’s insurance coverage will also protect both you and the contractors who are working on your home. If the worst should happen and a fall does occur WSIB will make up for any wages lost as that person takes the necessary time needed to fully heal before returning back to work again.

At Royal Home Painters Toronto every one of our services is backed by our 2 years warranty! Give us a call and we’d be happy to take a look at your exterior project and quote you on it. Call (647) 490 8811 or fill the estimate request form for your free exterior painting quote or consultation appointment!