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Exterior Brick Painting is like giving your brick walls a makeover! It involves applying a special paint that refreshes the appearance of the brick and protects it from weather damage. 

The best part? You get to choose the colour that you like best! 

Painting your brick can improve the overall look of your building, make it more resistant to moisture and UV rays, and save you money compared to completely replacing it. It’s a great way to update the look of your building without breaking the bank!

We are one of the most experienced Exterior Painters Toronto and home renovation service providers in the city of Toronto. We have undertaken and efficiently executed hundreds of projects in and around Toronto. We aim to make our customers happy with highly satisfactory exterior brick painting solutions.

Unlike inexperienced and amateur home painters, we always give a warranty on our work and provide after-service solutions. Apart from Exterior House Painting services, we can fix issues like cracking and peeling paints, water leakage, fading color, and stains. If you want to refresh the look of your house even after a couple of years, you will need a power wash, light painting, and sanding to be done by a Professional Home Painter in Toronto.

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There is no scarcity of classic brick-style houses in Toronto, and we feel glad to provide satisfactory Exterior Brick Painting Services in Toronto. We have the experience and expertise needed for excellent Exterior Brick Painting projects. Our free consultation service can help you to choose the right color for your property. You can also get a free Exterior Brick Painting cost estimation.

No matter your purpose, we can help you beautify your property with our experience and professional tools in the field. We are aware of the latest trends, and we can make your house modern again by taking special measures and work initiatives in accordance with your needs and preferences. Contact us today and book a free, on-site consultation. 


History of Exterior Brick Painting in Toronto

Toronto is the home of numerous brick houses, and some of them are more than a hundred years old. You can encounter some stunning brickwork across Toronto’s Don Valley and Bathurst Street. Brick houses represent Toronto’s glorious past and how cultural the city was even a hundred years ago.

Remember, any kind of maintenance work including paint or damage repair on the brick walls require more investment than other walls. Brick houses across Toronto and other parts of Canada remind us of the influence of British culture in the history of the country. Brick walls remain a popular choice among the people, as brick and stones are believed to be the most durable materials used in building houses. However, no matter how strong they are, brick walls will need maintenance work, as their condition can be damaged by many external factors like heat, cold and wind.

Painting over brick walls with the best breathable paint for exterior brick is an excellent option for all homeowners. 

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Professional Exterior Brick Painting Solution for Your Brick House

Does the exterior of your house look old? Are the previously painted bricks peeling? The most striking and affordable solution to this problem is Repainting Exterior Brick walls. This option has several benefits and is worth consideration. Perhaps the most important advantage of Exterior Brick House Painting is that, when done correctly, the paint will protect the structure of your home from elements, which can deteriorate mortar and additional damages to the bricks. In addition to its efficiency, painted exterior brick is gorgeous.

A properly applied covering of paint can recover the consistent appearance of brick that has deteriorated or cracked, and it also effectively masks spots and flaws. Painting a brick house can dramatically change the curb appeal of a home, making it fresh and lively.

Brick is often chosen as a building material for its durability and long-lasting appearance. Once you paint it, however, you’re committing to a maintenance routine that wasn’t initially required with the natural brick, and you can’t revert to the original, unpainted state. So it is crucial to be familiar with the elements that can cause premature paint failure on brick homes. High alkalinity or moisture material in the brick or mortar will certainly prevent paint from carrying out as it should. Evidently, poor application of the paint over exterior bricks will cause untimely flaking.

Why Should I Paint My Brick House?

Painting Exterior Brick Houses has always been an effective idea for homeowners in Toronto. No matter how strong they are, brick walls lose their appeal and authentic look after a long while. Your brick house will lose its charm if you do not repaint it timely. If you want to give your external brick walls a fresh and new look, you should consider repainting.

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