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It’s never too soon to start thinking about summertime. What with cool breezes, open-toed sandals and backyard barbeques, what’s not to love? In a Toronto home, we’ve found one thing in particular to be the statement of an outdoor season, and that’s a good-looking, quality deck.

To set up for spring and prepare for summer alike, it only makes sense that you’d want to refresh this beloved outdoor feature and paint the exterior of your house. Fortunately, getting professional Deck Painting & Staining Services in Toronto can set you up for summertime success, and leave you with a deck you can be proud of all year round.

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How Can Professional Painters Make a Difference When It Comes To Deck Painting?

Your Toronto home deserves professional painters to take on your deck. Professionals like the ones at Royal Home Painters can focus on the intricacies that you may not have noticed. Moreover, we can get the job done in a flash, allowing you to get back to enjoying your deck a lot sooner. Best of all, we leave you the opportunity to keep going with your everyday life, rather than stopping in your tracks to tackle a rather hefty home project.

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Steps for Deck Painting in Toronto

What goes into Deck Painting and staining? While it may seem like it’s a straightforward procedure, there can often be more to the process than one might imagine. Moreover, tackling deck painting and staining in the right order is critical.


  • It all starts with preparation. Sweep the deck of any debris that may have built up (this includes leaves, dirt and dust).
  • Use a cleaner to finalize the cleaning process. Scrape any grime away with a bristle brush to ensure you’re starting the painting process with a clean slate. Be careful during this step, as many industrial cleaners are toxic when they come into contact with the face and eyes. Finish the preparation off by rinsing the deck with water.
  • Be sure to sand any inconsistencies in the deck. You’ll want to take care of this before painting, as you won’t be able to fix them once they’re painted over.
  • When staining, be sure to stain any cracks or areas that may be vulnerable to the elements. You may also want to fill them with epoxy if they’re large enough, and stain or paint over.
  • Paint the deck in coats, being sure to avoid any surrounding plants. It may seem like a moot point, but always paint areas you can walk around as they dry.

Imagine a New Look for the Exterior of Your Toronto Home

If your deck is in front of your house, you’ll feel pleasantly surprised each time you come home to a freshly painted deck, and your neighbours will appreciate it as well. Say your deck is in the back; the next time you entertain, your guests will get to see the final product of a worthwhile venture, and you’ll be able to revel in it night after night. We’d say that’s worth it in and of itself.

Benefits of Painting and Staining Your Deck

A deck is a valuable asset to a home’s exterior, wherever that home may be in the world. As such, it only makes sense that you’d treat your deck with the value it deserves. It serves as the basis for plenty of family entertainment, makes room for rumpus and offers a platform for utmost relaxation. 

So what are the benefits of painting or staining your deck? As one of the top-rated deck staining contractors in Toronto, we’ve got a few to share with you.

  • Deck Painting Equals to Longer Lasting Beautiful Deck

    Staining and painting your outdoor deck means protecting it from exterior elements. By bypassing these critical steps, you’re exposing your deck to wear and tear that can otherwise be prevented. Without protection, wood can soak up moisture and sunlight, leaving it to warp and crack. So why not take the precautionary measures in advance, before you have to make expensive repairs or even replace the deck as a whole?
  • Paint Your Deck Any Colour You Like

    Not only does paint protect a deck for an impressive amount of time, but it also gives it a style worth fawning over. You can choose your favorite exterior-friendly paint and most intriguing color palette, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your backyard in one fell swoop. Your home is yours to do as you please, so why not act like it?
  • Painting Your Deck, Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Staining or painting a deck can transform plain wood by providing it with a refined and timeless appeal. This look can go with any home style. Whatever color your home is, whichever material the exterior is fashioned with, a stained or painted deck will only accentuate the feel of your house exterior. There’s not much better than the grain of quality wood, and staining only reveals all that’s there.
  • Repaint your Deck, Cut Down On Hefty Costs

    If your deck is a mess and hasn’t been well taken care of the past few years, you may think it’s easier just to take it all down and completely replace it. This option, however, is far more expensive than simply repainting it or staining it. When Royal Home Painters are completing the project for you, you won’t have to worry. We’ll replace any rotted or warped pieces and apply the paint or stain so that your old deck looks brand new.
  • Restoration of the Deck Shows You Care About your House Inside Out

    Whether your deck is in the front or back of your home, your property value will only rise with a deck that’s been attended to.

Nothing is better than having happy clients!

I would recommend Royal Home to everyone - they did a wonderful job and went absolutely above and beyond to complete the work quickly and make sure it was satisfactory. Super happy with their service and I'm loving the final result.

Leah S Avatar Leah S
May 8, 2019

I am very happy with the job Royal Home painters did in my kitchen. They painted my kitchen cabinets and installed a backsplash. My kitchen looks like a new kitchen! They also painted my living room and dining room. It looks amazing! They did a great job! I will use them again and I recommend them 100%. THANKS Royal Painters (especially Mike!)

Vivian Del Valle Avatar Vivian Del Valle
March 29, 2019

I call them to get an estimate for my cabinet painting. They have given me a very good price and showed me some of their previous projects that I like. So I decided to have them to paint my main floor too. The combination of the jobs took 6 days and after these six days my home turned to an amazing bright house. I love it. They are very polite, friendly and professional.

Shahnaz Zamani Avatar shahnaz zamani
February 3, 2019

From our first meeting with Sam through to the completion of the paint job, we knew we were in good hands. We had Royal Home Painters in our house to paint the entire walls, trims,crown molding and all of our kitchen cabinets. They came with the best quote, did an exemplary job and provided very professional and courteous paint staff. Wall imperfections were repaired and covered. Particular attention to the finishing and details. They came twice after job completion for more touch-ups. The job was done while we were away on vacations and they took good care of our house while we were absent . Having renovations done can be stressful and the customer service provided by Royal Home Painting really worth it all . THANK YOU SAM & STAFF!

Yann Avram Avatar Yann Avram
January 16, 2019

Royal Home Painters is Ready to Take Your Deck Painting Project To The Next Level

It’s time to enliven your Toronto home’s exterior by deck staining and repainting. When the time comes to take the plunge, Royal Home Painters will be there to help you along the way.

As one of the best deck staining and painting contractors in Toronto, we conduct thorough assessments to determine the best staining or painting solution for your specific deck. Our team uses only premium-quality materials for long-lasting results, and we manage all the prep work—cleaning, sanding, and priming—as part of our complete service package.

So call us, or fill the form to book your free estimate appointment and our professional estimators will come to you and give the Best Deck Painting quote, right onsite!


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We, at Royal Home Painters, as one of the top-rated exterior and Interior Residential Painting Companies in Toronto, have been working hard for the past ten years to get to the top. Today, we are considered one of the area’s Best Painting Contractors because of our high-quality work and service. 

When you hire us to paint or stain your deck, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are friendly, efficient and competitively priced. Take some time to read our client reviews, and you’ll understand how we stand out from the rest.

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