Basement Painting – What Colour Should I Paint My Basement?

Your Basement Painting Colours Should Match Your Basement’s Purpose

For citizens of Toronto, basements can be anything from a home office to a family room to even an Airbnb, but whatever you use it for you need to choose the right basement paint colours. Unlike so many other floors in the house, a basement can be almost anything you want it to be. It’s for that reason that basement paint ideas can run the gamut, constrained only by a homeowner’s imagination.

Before you embark on your journey of deciding what your basement paint colours will be, you will need to figure out your plan for space. For an unfinished basement, it may be hard even to imagine the walls if you all you can see is bare insulation, so instead, start with settling on your overall vision for the basement. If you have a family or are planning on starting one, maybe this will mainly be for time spent together. For the musically inclined, the best paint colours for the finished basement may need to fit a personal recording studio.

For a fair number of people in Toronto, their basements will make up their entire living space. In these cases, they’re looking for basement paint ideas that will open up the area. With less square footage than a typical house or apartment, their goal will be to maximize their room using paint, as some shades can make a room appear to be much bigger than it is.

What Colour Should I Paint My Basement?
Basement Paint Colours Ideas Toronto
Finished Basement Paint Colour Ideas Toronto

Basement Paint Ideas For Any Space

Our first recommendation for the best paint colours for finished basements is to go lighter than darker. Not all basements will be poorly lit, and in fact, how well illuminated they are is entirely up to the homeowners. With that being said, when descending stairs and heading underground, it’s generally more pleasant to enter into a space that appears, at first glance, to be bright and open.

Most basements will not have too many sources of natural light, typically only having a few windows here and there, and not large ones at that. When pondering basement paint ideas, you want colours that will make the most of what sunlight makes its way down there. Once again, this should steer you in the direction of opting for brighter colours.

If you do want to go for a darker shade, consider using it for an accent wall, or alternating between it and a lighter shade. A lovely deep grey can contrast very nicely with a light grey; this won’t darken the space and can also look quite trendy in a way that won’t feel out of date any time soon.

Your mission is to make sure that no one entering your basement for the first time will feel like they’ve stumbled upon a dungeon. Whether you’re choosing a paint colour for a basement with no natural light, or one with much larger windows, what you’re trying to do is make people forget that they’re underground. It’s not just the walls, either! Basement floor paint can be another way to decorate the space without undertaking extensive renovations.

Getting Basement Paint Colours Onto Your Walls

Rooms for the laundry machines and furnace will cut down on the usable square footage, but in general, most basements are still comparable to the main floor above. Basement paint ideas may have come to you fairly easily, having read this blog post, but you have a lot of work ahead of you.

For the walls, baseboards, doorframes, and yes, even the basement floor paint application is a time-consuming process. It’s not just that you want things to be done in a reasonable period, you also want it done right. There’s no point in picking out basement paint colours and having things done with record-breaking speed if the resulting job is a sloppy eyesore.

Consider hiring a professional to make your basement paint ideas a reality. Given that you’re already here, why not give Royal Home Painters a try? Our painting experts are all experienced and fully-insured, and will transform your basement no matter what your vision. Give us a call at (647) 492 3993 and one of our friendly staff will answer your questions and put you on your path to a beautiful basement!

Painting Your Basement Richmond Hill

There are a lot of factors to consider when painting your basement. Some factors include the size of your basement and what type of furniture you have. Probably the biggest factor is what colour I should use to paint my basement walls?

You will find useful tips, suggestions and recommendations in this blog to help you pick the right colour to paint your basement walls.

Painting your basement can be an exciting time because it gives the room a fresh new positive look.

Consider these Colours for your Basement Walls:

Best Colour Paint For Basement Painting Idea

Work with Painting Company on Payment Methods

Also, cheques are always better than credit cards

  • Most reliable and reputable painters will offer you payment terms; Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or even postdated cheques. Ask them if you pay by cheques, will this affect the house painting prices?
  • Deposits show that you are serious about them doing the project. Anywhere from10-25% is a reasonable deposit amount. Offer them a deposit since it shows your commitment to using them.

Just Ask, They may decrease the Painting Cost for you!

  • I’m serious about this one. Most painters are ordinary people trying to make ends meet too. Just tell them that you want the best value for your money, you like them, but you need a better price for you to go ahead with this project. A polite, “If you, please give me a better painting quote, I will be happy to give you my business today” will many times work. Again, the key here is to be polite, and a little insistent that you want a better cost estimate for painting your home. As simple as this sounds, many times, you will get what you ask for.
  • Remember, the key to any of these tricks is to be polite, courteous, and to ASK. There is never anything wrong with asking. Most home painters will be happy to try to help you in any way they can, some more than others. But more importantly than just painting price, make sure you choose the painter and contractor you feel most comfortable with and who you believe will do the best job for you.
  • Regardless of the price, it makes no sense to pay anyone anything to do a job that you are not satisfied with, or one that is of inferior quality.
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If you decided to paint your basement, give us a call at (647) 492 3993, or fill the form, we can give your a free advice to choose the best basement paint colour and also a free estimate for the whole project.