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The Main Issue Of Painting Aluminum Siding

The decision to replace wood siding with aluminum was an easy one to make, given all of its advantages. Aluminum Siding is durable and lightweight and often comes pre-painted as well. Although it lasts much longer than wooden sidings, it needs to be maintained, which mostly you can do by repainting your aluminum siding.

Aluminum siding has a coating that is baked on. The issue is that this same coating will end up fading and chalking as time goes on. Fortunately, this downside is partially helped by the fact that it’s very easy to paint and the good quality paints usually adhere to that perfectly. However, the prep before painting should be done by a professional contractor.

The necessity of painting aluminum siding – If your home was built between the 40’s and the 70’s there’s a pretty good chance that its exterior is covered with aluminum siding. Up until the beginning of that point wooden siding was all the rage, and vinyl siding ended up eventually replacing it after its heyday. You may be wondering what the material on the outside of your home means when it comes to renovations, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have about how to paint aluminum siding!

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Tips for Aluminum Siding Re-Painting in Toronto

Cleaning The Aluminum Sidings: Painting Aluminum sidings can’t be done without cleaning the surface first. We use two methods, either with hand scrub or using power washer system. By cleaning the aluminum siding, we ensure that your sidings are ready to be painted with your favourite colour. We use multiple purposes cleaning materials and at the end, we use water to remove remaining or peeling paint from it. The most important factor that you need to keep into consideration is to set pressure accordingly. Too much pressure can ruin your sidings and low pressure will not work so proper pressure with respect to the condition of your house exterior aluminum siding is applied to get maximum results.

Priming on Aluminum Sidings: This is one of the crucial processes in which pitted or porous areas are primed using the latest coating.

Selecting Paint for Aluminum: We will advise you on what to select and if you like what we offered then you can give the order and we will make it possible. The quality of the paint is in our consideration. We make sure that your siding colour suits your condition.

The Best Colour for Exterior Aluminum Painting: For an ideal siding painting, you have to choose the best colour to improve the curb appeal and also make you happy about your most important investment, and what can be more helpful than having a professional colour consultant beside you? You can discuss with us on picking the best colour for your exterior siding.

  • Can You Paint Aluminum Siding in Toronto

    When it comes to painting aluminum siding one of the most important steps is the prep. Cleaning all of the surfaces is essential, and to do this you will need a scrub brush or abrasive sponge and some cleaner (specifically an aluminum siding cleaning product that you can buy at a local home improvement store, like Home Depot). Scrub thoroughly, let everything dry, and then come at your siding with a scraper or sander. You should note that this may not actually be needed if the siding has not begun to flake. Finally, you should start to paint, using high-quality products, at least two coats.

  • Other Reasons for Painting your aluminum siding

    The chalking and fading need to be addressed, of course, but if those don’t convince you enough for painting your aluminum siding we have others as well. To start with, giving the exterior of your home a fresh look is an excellent way to boost your home’s curb appeal and wow the neighbours. This can also end up adding value to your home whenever you decide that it’s time to sell it. Exterior painting is also a way to protect the exterior from the elements as the weather can really wear away at your home’s siding.

  • BENEFITS OF HIRING Royal Home Painters

    • We paint and re-paint the aluminum sidings. If you have a new house or you need Aluminum siding repainting service, we can make it possible.
    • We restore the value of your house exterior to its original state by making it look more appealing and improved.
    • We upgrade the colour based on your choice
    • Latest coating technology protects aluminum sidings from dents

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When it comes to painting your Aluminum siding you’ve made a great choice in terms of giving the House the special attention that it deserves. Since you want only the best for your home, why not look into the service that a professional painting contractor can provide for you? Get in touch with Royal home Painters and see just what we can do for you. Don’t take our word for it either, we strongly suggest you check out our reviews on Google. So don’t wait, get your Aluminum Siding Painting estimate right now!



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